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  1. 报道:川普提名杰克逊出任退伍军人事务部长面临获核准难关 Reports: Jackson's Nomination to VA maybe in Jeopardy (18-4-25)
  2. 马克龙访美 伊朗、叙利亚和贸易是重大议题 Iran, Syria, Trade Hover Over Macron's US Visit (18-4-25)
  3. 法国总统马克龙对美国国事访问 French President Macron in Washington for a state visit (18-4-24)
  4. 布隆伯格向联合国捐款450万美元减缓全球气变 Bloomberg Donating $4.5 Million to Support Paris Climate Accord (18-4-24)
  5. 美法院裁定司法部不得切断对“庇护城市”的拨款 Court Rules Department of Justice Can’t Block Funds for Sanctuary Cities (18-4-23)
  6. 美国学生罢课纪念枪击惨案周年之际又发生高中枪击案 Student Shot on Day of US Walkouts Marking School Massacre Anniversary (18-4-23)
  7. 美法院裁定司法部不得切断对“庇护城市”的拨款 Court Rules Department of Justice Can’t Block Funds for Sanctuary Cities (18-4-22)
  8. 美国学生罢课纪念枪击惨案周年之际又发生高中枪击案 Student Shot on Day of US Walkouts Marking School Massacre Anniversary (18-4-22)
  9. 富国银行因非法销售或被罚10亿美元 Reports: $1 Billion Fine for Wells Fargo Bank for Illegal Sales (18-4-21)
  10. 俄罗斯:普京愿意与川普总统会谈 Russia: Putin Ready to Meet Trump (18-4-21)
  11. 川普与安倍两天会谈未达贸易协议 No Trade Agreements Emerge from Two Days of Trump-Abe Talks (18-4-20)
  12. 古巴近60年来将第一次总统不姓卡斯特罗 Cuba Set For First Non-Castro President in Nearly 60 Years (18-4-20)
  13. 联合打击后美法在叙利亚长期战略上显分歧 United in Strikes, Paris and Washington May Divide Over Longer-Term Syria Strategy (18-4-19)
  14. 多家媒体称美中情局长与金正恩会谈 CIA Chief Pompeo Met with Kim Jong-Un, Media reports say (18-4-19)
  15. 俄罗斯调查记者从阳台上坠地不治身亡事件 Russian Investigative Journalist Dies After Fall from Balcony (18-4-18)
  16. 白宫称川普与安倍会谈将“非常积极” White House Expects ‘Very Positive’ Abe Talks (18-4-18)
  17. 纽约发生自杀惨剧抗议污染 Grisly Suicide in New York to Protest Pollution (18-4-17)
  18. 朴槿惠放弃对其24年刑期判决提出上诉 South Korea's Park Not to Appeal 24-Year Prison Sentence (18-4-17)
  19. 加沙当局:加沙以色列边界暴力事件致1人死,数百人受伤 Gaza Ministry: 1 Dead, Hundreds Injured as Violence Erupts Along Gaza-Israeli Border (18-4-15)
  20. 美国称叙利亚和俄罗斯应对杜马镇化武攻击负责 US Holding Syria, Russia Accountable for Chemical Weapons Attack in Douma (18-4-15)
  21. 研究:动物玩具广受青睐实际对野生动物有害 Study: Popularity of Wildlife Could Actually Cause Harm (18-4-14)
  22. 川普示意美国可能重返TPP Trump Suggests US Possibly Rejoining TPP (18-4-14)
  23. 阿塞拜疆总统胜选将继续第四个任期 Azerbaijan's Aliyev Wins 4th Term as President (18-4-13)
  24. 罗马天主教宗承认处理智利性虐丑闻时犯了“严重错误” Pope Admits 'Grave Mistakes' in Handling Chile Sex Abuse Scandal (18-4-13)
  25. 川普取消限制乍得公民入境美国的禁令 Trump Lifts Travel Ban on Chad (18-4-12)
  26. 专家:全球水河流已被处方药和非处方药污染 Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drugs are Polluting the World's Rivers, Experts Say (18-4-12)
  27. 美国国民卫队前往美墨边境 US National Guard Troops Head to the US-Mexico Border (18-4-11)
  28. 川普总统考虑如何对叙利亚疑似化武攻击做出反应 Trump Weighing Decision on Response to Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria (18-4-11)
  29. 韩国检方以收受贿和贪污罪起诉前总统李明博 Prosecutors Indict Former South Korean President Lee For Corruption (18-4-10)
  30. 匈牙利总理欧尔班第三次连任总理 Hungarian PM Wins Third Straight Term (18-4-10)
  31. 美司法部长塞申斯宣布对非法入境“零容忍”政策 Sessions Announces "Zero-Tolerance" Policy for Illegal Entry Into U.S (18-4-8)
  32. 消费者组织:脸书人脸识别软件侵犯隐私权 Facebook Violates Privacy Rights Through Facial Recognition Software, Consumer Groups Allege (18-4-8)
  33. 前渔船船长排污向太平洋排放油污水罪名成立 Ex-Fishing Boat Captain Guilty of Dumping Oily Waste into Pacific (18-4-7)
  34. 巴西前总统被勒令收监 Former Brazilian President Ordered to Jail (18-4-7)
  35. 川普总统称将向美墨边界派遣军队 Trump Plans to Deploy Troops to Mexican Border (18-4-5)
  36. 一女子在YouTube总部打伤三人后自杀 Woman Shooter Kills Herself after Opening Fire at Youtube Headquarters (18-4-5)
  37. 法国铁路工人罢工 French Rail Workers Launch Strike (18-4-4)
  38. 联合国安理可能会派人前往缅甸和孟加拉国视察 UN Security Council Delegation May Visit Myanmar, Bangladesh (18-4-4)
  39. 中国“天宫一号”残片坠落到南太平洋 Remaining pieces of defunct Tiangong-1 drop into South Pacific (18-4-3)
  40. 川普总统及夫人在白宫举办复活节滚彩蛋活动 White House Annual Easter Egg Roll (18-4-3)
  41. 独立尸检结果:克拉克背后中了数枪 Independent Autopsy: Stephon Clark Shot Multiple Times in Back (18-4-1)
  42. 白宫准备好周一举行年度复活节彩蛋活动 White House Readies for Annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday (18-4-1)
  43. 美法官驳回埃克森美孚对麻省及纽约州诉讼案 Judge Throws Out Exxon Mobil Lawsuit against Massachusetts and New York (18-3-31)
  44. 俄罗斯RT电视节目将在华盛顿停播 Russia's RT Set to Go off the Air in the Washington Area (18-3-31)
  45. 川普总统更换退伍军人事务部部长 Trump Reshuffles Cabinet Ousting VA Chief Shulkin (18-3-30)
  46. 韩国和朝鲜确定历史性双边峰会日期 North, South Korea Set Date for Historic Bilateral Summit (18-3-30)
  47. 美国华盛顿州男子因发送可疑邮包被逮捕 Washington man under arrest for sending suspicious packages (18-3-29)
  48. 昂山素季铁杆支持者当选为缅甸新总统 Loyalist of Aung San Suu Kyi elected new president (18-3-29)
  49. 美针对俄化学刺杀行动驱逐大批俄外交官 US Expelling Russian Diplomats in Response to Ex Spy Poisoning (18-3-28)
  50. 埃及星期一大选投票 Egyptians Vote in Presidential Election (18-3-27)