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  1. 西伯利亚购物中心大火造成48人丧生 Siberian Mall Fire Kills at least 48 (18-3-27)
  2. 调查人员进入剑桥分析英国总部 Investigators Enter UK Headquarters of Research Firm Cambridge Analytica (18-3-25)
  3. 司法部长塞申斯提出加强撞火枪托监管建议 AG Sessions Floats Proposal to Tighten Regulation on Bump Stocks (18-3-25)
  4. 美国众议院批准1.3万亿美元开支法案 House Approves $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill (18-3-24)
  5. 美国制裁帮助叙利亚恐怖分子的一名个人和一个组织 US Sanctions An Expert and a Group for Aiding Syrian Terrorists (18-3-24)
  6. 脸书创始人:在保护用户信息上我们显然犯了错 Facebook Founder: We Clearly Made a Mistake in Trying to Protect User Data (18-3-23)
  7. 美国国会争分夺秒争取通过一万三千亿美元的开支议案 US Congress Races to Pass $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill (18-3-23)
  8. 缅甸总统吴廷觉辞职 Myanmar President Resigns (18-3-22)
  9. 联合国人权官员敦促对叙利亚战争罪行问责 UN Human Rights Chief Urges Accountability for Syrian War Crimes (18-3-21)
  10. 白宫:川普不打算祝贺普京连任 White House: Trump Not Scheduled to Congratulate Putin on Re-election (18-3-21)
  11. 库尔德武装誓言将成为土耳其军队的“恶梦” Syrian Kurds Vow "Constant Nightmare" for Turkish Forces in Afrin (18-3-20)
  12. 普京获绝对多数选票即将开始新总统任期 Russian Voters Hand Putin a Resounding and Expected Victory (18-3-20)
  13. 佛罗里达步行桥工程师早知已有裂缝 Engineer on Florida Bridge Project Reported Cracks Days before Collapse (18-3-19)
  14. 美司法部长开除联调局二把手麦凯布 Attorney General Fires Former No. 2 FBI Official McCabe (18-3-19)
  15. 斯洛文尼亚总理辞职 Slovenian PM Resigns (18-3-16)
  16. 英特使:刺杀前俄间谍行动绝非“普通犯罪” British Envoy: Russia's Attempted Assassination of Ex-Spy was ‘No Common Crime' (18-3-16)
  17. 有报道说川普总统或更换退伍军人事务部长 Report: Trump Looking to Replace VA Secretary (18-3-15)
  18. 前韩国总统李明博因腐败案接受问话 Ex-South Korean President Questioned in Corruption Probe (18-3-15)
  19. 美国国防部长马蒂斯突访喀布尔 US Defense Chief Arrives in Afghanistan on Surprise Visit (18-3-14)
  20. 日本首相促朝鲜在放弃核武上言出必行 Japanese PM Urges North Korea to Commit to Denuclearization (18-3-14)
  21. 美欧贸易高官本星期再谈关税问题 U.S. and EU tariff talks continue this week (18-3-13)
  22. 首相: 神经毒剂袭击案“很可能”是俄罗斯所为 May: 'Highly Likely' Russia Responsible for Attack Against Former Spy (18-3-13)
  23. 英首相保证对前俄罗斯间谍被神经毒剂所伤做出“恰当”回应 British PM Promises 'Appropriate' Response to Poisoning of Former Russian Agent (18-3-10)
  24. 美军将领警告:俄罗斯准备挑战美国军力优势 Russia Poised to Challenge US for Military Dominance (18-3-10)
  25. 佛州议会通过新枪控法 The state of Florida passed new gun control legislation (18-3-9)
  26. 蒂勒森亚的斯亚贝巴讲话促美非贸易 Tillerson spoke in Addis Ababa on boosting trade with Africa (18-3-9)
  27. 斯里兰卡宗教纷争,全国进入紧急状态 Sri Lanka Under State of Emergency After Deadly Ethnic Clashes (18-3-8)
  28. 川普:美国为朝核问题发展方向做好两手准备 Trump: US ‘Willing to Go Either Way’ with North Korea (18-3-8)
  29. 对朝非法贸易影响制裁效果 North Korea Sanctions Impact Mitigated By Illicit Trade (18-3-6)
  30. 韩国总统特使据报道会晤了金正恩 South Korean Envoys to Meet With North Korean Leader (18-3-6)
  31. 文在寅称慰安妇问题没完,日本提出抗议 South Korean President Issues New Demand of Japan Over Wartime 'Comfort Women' (18-3-3)
  32. 涉嫌向总统大儿子寄白色粉末,一名男子被逮捕 Man Arrested for Allegedly Sending White Powder to Donald Trump, Jr. (18-3-3)
  33. 埃及加强媒体监督,新闻自由团体疾呼停止恐吓 Egypt's Top Prosecutor Monitoring Media Ahead of Elections (18-3-2)
  34. 美国两家大型连锁店规定购买枪支的最低年龄 Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods Crack Down on Gun Sales (18-3-2)
  35. 川普总统女婿库什纳安全许可被降级 Trump Son-in-Law Has Security Clearance Downgraded (18-3-1)
  36. 三名宇航员从国际空间站返回 Three astronauts back from International Space Station (18-3-1)
  37. 西维州教师第四天罢教 West Virginia teachers' strike for a fourth straight day (18-2-28)
  38. 川普提名竞选经理筹划连任 Trump Names Campaign Manager for Re-Election Bid (18-2-28)
  39. 美国公民及移民服务局不再称美国为“移民国家” Citizenship Agency Stops Calling US 'Nation of Immigrants' (18-2-27)
  40. 川普要求国防部为退伍军人节举行阅兵式做准备 Trump Tells Defense Department to Plan Military Parade for Veterans Day (18-2-27)
  41. 大赦国际:伊朗人权记录有积极迹象但仍然不佳 Amnesty International: Iran’s Rights Record Shows Some Positive Signs, Still Poor (18-2-24)
  42. 密苏里州州长被控侵犯隐私被逮捕提审 Missouri Governor Indicted for Felony Invasion of Privacy (18-2-24)
  43. 美国驻黑山大使馆受到小型炸弹袭击 US Embassy at Montenegro attacked by an explosive device (18-2-23)
  44. 联合国秘书长呼吁停战救助东古塔被困平民 UN Chief Appeals for Truce for Syria’s Besieged E. Ghouta (18-2-23)
  45. 日本称中朝船只在公海交易货物 Japan Says China Illegally Transferred Cargo to North Korea (18-2-22)
  46. 伊朗称苏非派示威者与警方冲突5人丧生 Iran says Sufi protesters clash with police leaving five dead (18-2-22)
  47. 拉脱维亚央行行长被捕,总理大力安抚欧洲 Head of the Latvian central bank arrested (18-2-20)
  48. 俄罗斯冰壶铜牌运动员药检呈阳性 Russian Athlete Suspected of Breaching of Doping Rules (18-2-20)
  49. 美国报告称巴基斯坦武器库威胁美国区域利益 U.S. report: Pakistan's weapons a threat to regional American interests (18-2-17)
  50. 两俄罗斯黑客盗取贩卖他人身份在美国被判监禁 Long Prison Terms for Two Russian Nationals in Massive Identity Theft Ring (18-2-17)