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  1. 沙特谴责伊朗从也门发射导弹是战争行为 Saudi Arabia Accused Iran of ‘Act of War' for Missile Launch from Yemen (17-11-8)
  2. 在尼日尔被杀美军士兵军装被剥血迹斑斑 Bodies of US Soldiers Killed in Niger Were Found Bloodied, Stripped (17-11-5)
  3. 美国女议员称受到性骚扰,但不愿说出骚扰者 Female US Lawmakers Claim Sexual Harassment, Decline to Name Harassers (17-11-5)
  4. 伊斯兰国:纽约驾车袭击者是其战士 IS claims NYC Truck Terrorist is One of Its Soldiers (17-11-4)
  5. 美国考虑重新把朝鲜列入支持恐怖主义国家名单 US Considers Reinstating North Korea on Terror Sponsor List (17-11-4)
  6. 加泰罗尼亚领导人在西班牙出庭 Catalan Leaders Appear in Spanish Court (17-11-3)
  7. 韩国:朝鲜可能在准备新一次核试验 South Korea Says North Appears to be Planning New Missile Test (17-11-3)
  8. 美国预计在联合国停止对古巴禁运决议上投反对票 US to Vote 'No" on UN Resolution Condemning Economic Embargo on Cuba (17-11-2)
  9. 路透:美国秘密外交尝试与朝鲜直接对话 Reuters: US Engaging in Secret Diplomatic Overtures to North Korea (17-11-2)
  10. 澳大利亚太平洋难民收容中心最后一批难民拒接撤离 Last Remaining Group of Refugees at Australian-Run Pacific Camp Refuse to Leave (17-11-1)
  11. 泰国吊销被罢免的前总理的护照 Thailand Revokes Passports of Ousted Prime Minister (17-11-1)
  12. 大陪审团批准对俄罗斯干预美国选举的第一批起诉 US Grand Jury Approves First Charges in Russia Investigation (17-10-29)
  13. 马蒂斯:绝不接受拥有核武器的朝鲜 Mattis Warns the U.S. Will Never Accept a Nuclear North Korea (17-10-29)
  14. 美三个航母战斗群十年来首次同时现身太平洋 Three U.S. Aircraft Carriers Appear in the Pacific at the Same Time in Ten Years (17-10-28)
  15. 川普以国家安全为由宣布暂缓解密数百份肯尼迪遇刺文件 Trump Delays Release of Hundreds of JFK Assassination Files, Citing National Security (17-10-28)
  16. 肯尼亚2017年总统大选重新投票 Kenyans Vote in Second Presidential Election of 2017 (17-10-27)
  17. 美民权组织针对美国航空公司发布旅行警告 NAACP Issues Travel Advisory for American Airlines (17-10-27)
  18. 蒂勒森星期三访问印度 Tillerson Visits India on Wednesday (17-10-26)
  19. 川普政府恢复接纳难民但是审查更严格 Trump Administration Resumes Refugee Admissions into U.S. -- but with Greater Restrictions (17-10-26)
  20. 美越战军医获得荣誉勋章 Vietnam War Medic Receives Medal of Honor (17-10-25)
  21. 尼日尔村民被怀疑故意拖住遭伏击的美特种兵 Villagers Suspected of Delaying Green Berets into Niger Ambush (17-10-25)
  22. 笔记本电脑可能会被禁止托运 Laptops Could Be Banned in Checked Luggage (17-10-22)
  23. 川普签署政令允许更多退役飞行员转现役 Trump Signs Order Allowing Recall of More Retired Air Force Pilots (17-10-22)
  24. 川普总统庆祝印度排灯节 Trump Celebrates Diwali, Hindu Festival of Lights (17-10-21)
  25. 研究报告:污染是世界第一大杀手 Study: Pollution is the World's No. 1 Killer (17-10-21)
  26. 多哥4人死于反政府抗议示威 At Least Four Dead in Anti-Government Protests in Togo (17-10-20)
  27. 澳大利亚公民法案夭折参议院 Australian Citizenship Overhaul Thwarted in Senate (17-10-20)
  28. 以色列:不跟哈马斯参加的巴勒斯坦政府对话 Israel Says No Talks with a Palestinian Government that Includes Hamas (17-10-19)
  29. 加泰罗尼亚示威者要求释放分离派领袖 Catalonia Protesters Demand Release of Separatist Leaders (17-10-19)
  30. 川普出访亚洲期间或考虑前往朝鲜半岛非军事区 Korean DMZ Visit Under Consideration for Trump Trip to Asia (17-10-18)
  31. 美国在也门炸死数十名伊斯兰国武装分子 US Killed Dozens of ISIS Fighters in Yemen (17-10-18)
  32. 联合国:越来越多学校成为攻击目标 UN Says Attacks on Schools on the Rise (17-10-17)
  33. 被阿富汗塔利班扣押的西方夫妇抵达加拿大 Western Family Held By Taliban Arrives in Canada (17-10-17)
  34. 川普总统预计宣布美国对伊朗的新策略 Trump Expected to Lay Out New Iran Strategy (17-10-14)
  35. 足球明星和副总统在利比里亚总统选举中领先 Football Star and VP are Early Frontrunners in Liberia's Election (17-10-14)
  36. 越南洪灾滑坡造成37人丧生 Floods, Landslides Leave 37 People Dead in Vietnam (17-10-13)
  37. 哈马斯领导人宣布与法塔赫达成政治和解 Hamas Leader Says Reconciliation Deal Reached with Fatah (17-10-13)
  38. 美最高法院驳回一起挑战旅行禁令的案件 US Top Court Dismisses Expired Travel Ban Case (17-10-12)
  39. 川普总统即将宣布对伊核协议决定 Trump Decision Imminent On Iran Nuclear Deal (17-10-12)
  40. 加州野火造成至少10人丧生 California Wildfires Kill At Least 10 (17-10-11)
  41. 加泰罗尼亚独立诉求面临越来越大的压力 Catalan Leaders Face Growing Pressure Over Independence Threat (17-10-11)
  42. 拉斯维加斯警方:难以置信屠杀是枪手一人所为 Sheriff Says Hard to Believe Las Vegas Gunman Planned Attack By Himself (17-10-6)
  43. 枪击屠杀案调查获进展但仍未确定动机 Las Vegas Authorities 'Making Progress' But No Motive Yet in Mass Shooting (17-10-5)
  44. 柬埔寨一名主要反对党议员出逃海外 Cambodian Opposition Lawmaker Flees into Exile After Arrest Warning (17-10-5)
  45. 川普总统周二前往波多黎各视察灾情 Trump to Visit Puerto Rico to Survey Hurricane Recovery (17-10-4)
  46. 拉斯维加斯民众排长队为枪击受害者献血 59 Dead, 527 Wounded in Las Vegas Shooting (17-10-4)
  47. 朝核挑衅白热化 美国务卿访华 Tillerson Heads to China Amid North Korea Nuclear Escalation (17-10-3)
  48. 美参议院批准洪博培出任驻俄罗斯大使 U.S. Confirms Ambassador to Moscow at Critical Time (17-10-3)
  49. 朝核挑衅白热化,美国务卿访华 Tillerson Heads to China Amid North Korea Nuclear Escalation (17-9-30)
  50. 美参议院批准洪博培出任驻俄罗斯大使 U.S. Confirms Ambassador to Moscow at Critical Time (17-9-30)