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  1. 美国将大幅度减少难民接收人数 US to Dramatically Reduce Refugee Admissions (17-9-29)
  2. 《花花公子》创始人海夫纳去世 Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dies (17-9-29)
  3. 沙特首次允许女性开车 Saudi Government Will Allow Women to Drive (17-9-28)
  4. 阿富汗新战略出台后美国防部长首次出访阿富汗 US Defense Chief in Afghanistan for First Visit Since New Policy (17-9-28)
  5. 川普:橄榄球员抗议国歌跟种族无关 Trump Contends Race Not a Factor in Football Players' Anthem Protest (17-9-27)
  6. 美国否认向朝鲜宣战 US Denies Pyongyang’s Claim It’s at War with North Korea (17-9-27)
  7. 库什纳曾用私人电邮处理白宫事务 Lawyer: Kushner Used Private Account for Some White House Email (17-9-26)
  8. 默克尔赢得第四任期但极右民粹势力崛起 Merkel Wins Historic Fourth Term but Far-Right Populists Surge (17-9-26)
  9. 联合国小组将搜集伊斯兰国在伊拉克战争罪的证据 UN Team to Collect Evidence of Islamic State War Crimes in Iraq (17-9-23)
  10. 埃尔多安抗议者遭殴打,川普称埃尔多安是朋友 Trump Praises Erdogan Despite Incidents of Violence Against Protesters (17-9-23)
  11. 飓风玛利亚袭击波多黎各,造成停电和洪灾 Hurricane Maria Knocks Out Power, Floods Puerto Rico (17-9-22)
  12. 搜救人员继续寻找墨西哥地震幸存者 Rescuers Work to Find Mexico Earthquake Survivors (17-9-22)
  13. 飓风玛利亚袭击维京群岛和波多黎各 Hurricane Maria Takes Aim at Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands (17-9-21)
  14. 墨西哥城7.1级地震,至少217人丧生 Huge Earthquake Rocks Mexico City (17-9-21)
  15. 昂山素季声讨若开邦侵犯人权的现象 Aung San Suu Kyi Denounces Human Rights Violations in Rakhine State (17-9-20)
  16. 飓风玛丽亚重创多米尼加 Hurricane Maria Makes Direct Hit on Dominica (17-9-20)
  17. 圣路易斯抗议持续第三天,警察逮捕80多人 St. Louis Police Arrest 80 After 3rd Night of Protests (17-9-19)
  18. 美国考虑关闭驻古巴大使馆 US Considering Closing Embassy in Cuba (17-9-19)
  19. 伊拉克南部连环袭击至少60人丧生 Twin Attacks Kill at Least 60 in Southern Iraq (17-9-16)
  20. 川普震后向墨西哥总统表示慰问 Trump Expresses Condolences to Mexican President after Earthquake (17-9-16)
  21. 马来西亚宗教学校起火,至少24人丧生 At Least Two Dozen Killed in Malaysia Religious School Fire (17-9-15)
  22. 川普将视察佛罗里达灾区 Trump to Visit Florida as State Slowly Recovers From Hurricane Irma (17-9-15)
  23. 完成联合国健康目标,新加坡、冰岛和瑞典走在最前面 World's Nations Make Progress on Some, But Not All, Health Goals (17-9-14)
  24. 英法保证向加勒比海飓风灾区提供更多帮助 After Irma, Slow Restoration of Services as Leaders Pledge More Help (17-9-14)
  25. 澳大利亚选民开始收到同性婚姻的民调选票 Australian Voters Begin Receiving Ballots on Same-Sex Marriage Survey (17-9-13)
  26. 佛罗里达一半地区停电,恢复供电可能要数周时间 Half of Florida is without power and officials say it could take weeks to restore service (17-9-13)
  27. 佛罗里达宣布飓风警告 Hurricane Warning Issued for Florida (17-9-9)
  28. 墨西哥南部8.1级引发小规模海啸 Magnitude 8.1 Earthquake in Southern Mexico Triggers Small Tsunami (17-9-9)
  29. 澳大利亚最高法院驳回对同性婚姻投票的挑战 Australian High Court Dismisses Challenges to Same-Sex Marriage Vote (17-9-8)
  30. 飓风艾玛已造成至少7人丧生 Hurricane Irma Passing Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic With Eye on Florida (17-9-8)
  31. 柬埔寨反对党领袖被控叛国 Cambodian Opposition Leader Formally Charged with Treason (17-9-6)
  32. 川普据信将宣布终止延缓遣返梦想生,有人拟抗议 Protests Planned Ahead of DACA Announcement (17-9-6)
  33. 美国法官批准引渡前巴拿马总统 US Judge Approves Extradition of Former Panamanian President (17-9-2)
  34. 救援团体为逃离若开邦暴力的难民处境感到担心 Aid Groups Fear Worsening Conditions for Thousands Fleeing Rakhine Violence (17-9-2)
  35. 美军太平洋司令部司令可能被提名出任美国驻澳大使 Top US Admiral in Pacific Seen as Ambassador to Australia (17-9-1)
  36. 连日暴雨造成孟买大楼倒塌 Deadly Mumbai Building Collapse Follows Days of Heavy Rain (17-9-1)
  37. 川普:针对朝鲜导弹试射,不排除任何选项 Trump: All Options 'On the Table' After North Korea's Missile Launch (17-8-31)
  38. 哈维缓慢撤离德州,洪水威胁不减 Harvey Slowly Leaving Texas, But Flood Challenges Remain (17-8-31)
  39. 朝鲜发射一枚飞越日本的导弹,引起关注 North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan, Triggering Alarm (17-8-30)
  40. 喀布尔银行外发生自杀袭击,5人丧生 Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Outside Kabul Bank (17-8-30)
  41. 荷兰得到恐袭警报后取消摇滚乐队演出 Dutch Cancel Rock Concert After Terror Warning (17-8-25)
  42. 美国关切埃及人权状况,暂停对埃各项援助 US Withholds Aid from Egypt Over Rights Concerns (17-8-25)
  43. 川普在亚利桑那集会上严厉批评媒体 In Arizona Rally, Trump Attacks Media, Calling Them 'Bad People' (17-8-24)
  44. 美海军官员:海军将解除第七舰队司令的职务 US Officials: Navy to Relieve 7th Fleet Commander After Collision (17-8-24)
  45. 美防长访问伊拉克,誓言击溃伊斯兰国 Mattis Visits Iraq Amid Push to Rout Islamic State, Look Toward Future (17-8-23)
  46. 美国海军下令暂停行动两天 US Navy Orders Operational Pause for Up to 2 Days Following Collision (17-8-23)
  47. 美韩开始年度军事演习 US, South Korea Launch Military Exercises (17-8-22)
  48. 印度警方调查火车脱轨致23人死亡事故 Indian Police Investigate Train Derailment that Killed 23 People (17-8-22)
  49. 科技公司拒绝为极端团体提供服务 Tech Firms Bar Extremist Groups (17-8-19)
  50. 西班牙对“相互关联”的恐怖袭击展开调查 Spain Investigates 'Connected' Terror Attacks (17-8-19)