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This is What's Trending Today...

A huge international study has found that adults should not drink more than, on average, one alcoholic drink a day.

That means drinking advisements in many countries around the world may be far too loose.

The study was published this week in The Lancet.

Dr. Angela Wood of Cambridge University led the research. The work combined results from 83 studies carried out in 19 countries. It considered about 600,000 people who drank alcohol.
剑桥大学的安吉拉·伍德(Angela Wood)博士领导了这项研究。这项工作结合了在19个国家进行的83项研究的研究结果,涉及了大约60万酒民。

The study found that people who drink more than seven drinks a week can expect to die sooner than those who drink less.

The United States government currently advises no more than seven drinks a week for women and 14 for men. Those limits are based on earlier studies that found women are more affected by alcohol than men.

Canada and Sweden have similar guidelines.

British guidelines were also similar until two years ago. That is when British health officials brought the upper limit for men down to the same limit as women.

Some countries have much higher limits, however. Spain and Romania both suggest drinking as many as 20 alcoholic drinks per week for men is acceptable.

The new study estimates that 40-year-old men who drink as much as current U.S. guidelines suggest can expect to live one to two years less than men who have no more than seven drinks per week.

David Jernigan, an alcohol researcher at Johns Hopkins University, told the Associated Press, "if you're really concerned about your longevity, don't have more than one drink a day." Jernigan was not involved in the study.
约翰霍普金斯大学的酒精研究人员大卫·杰尼根(David Jernigan)对美联社表示,“如果你真的关心自己的寿命,那么每天饮酒不要超过1杯。”

The study "is a serious wake-up call for many countries," Jeremy Pearson of the British Heart Foundation said in a statement. The group supported the study financially.
英国心脏基金会的杰里米·皮尔森(Jeremy Pearson)在一份声明中表示,该研究“对许多国家来说是一个严重警告。”该组织为这项研究提供了财务支持。

About half of the people included in the study said they had more than 100 grams of alcohol per week. The researchers found a higher risk of stroke, heart failure and other problems in that group of heavier drinkers. That may partly be because alcohol can increase blood pressure and change cholesterol levels, the researchers said.

The heavier drinkers were also less likely to have a heart attack, the study found. However, the overall effects of drinking more than seven drinks a week are more bad than good, lead researcher Wood said.

The results of the study quickly became a trending discussion worldwide. As one person wrote, the news was "not a good story to read on a Friday," as workers and students prepare to celebrate the start of the weekend.

And that's What's Trending Today....

I'm Ashley Thompson.