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Businesses are finding more uses for Virtual Reality (VR) as the technology develops.

VR is no longer only for gaming or enjoyment. An American company called Blue Goji is using VR to improve one's health by making exercise more fun.
虚拟现实技术不再仅限于游戏或娱乐。一家名为Blue Goji的美国公司正在使用虚拟现实技术,通过让锻炼更加有趣来改善人们的健康状况。

Blue Goji has offices in Austin, the capital of Texas. The company demonstrated its cardiovascular workout machine, called the Infinity treadmill, at the recent South by Southwest festival. The event is held every year in Austin.
Blue Goji公司在德克萨斯州首府奥斯汀市设有办事处。该公司在最近的西南偏南音乐节上展示了一款名为Infinity treadmill的心血管健身机器。该音乐节每年在奥斯汀市举办。

A person using the treadmill wears a virtual reality headset when exercising. Before starting, the user is connected to a belt to prevent falls. Then, the user plays a VR game while running on the machine. The game can transport the user into the virtual world, where he or she can be racing against virtual people.

The cost of the hardware and computer software program is $12,000. That is a lot of money for most people. But Kyra Constam of Blue Goji says the virtual reality treadmill is ideal for places where people go to exercise, like a high-end gymnasium or recreation center. She added that people seeking treatment at physical therapy or rehabilitation centers would find the equipment useful.
这些硬件和软件成本为1.2万美元,这对大多数人来说都太贵。但是Blue Goji公司的吉拉·康斯坦姆(Kyra Constam)表示,这款虚拟现实跑步机非常适合像高端健身房或娱乐中心等运动场所。她补充说,在理疗或康复中心寻求治疗的人们会发现这些设备很有用。

Recently, Leonardo Mattiazzi tested the Infinity treadmill. Mattiazzi said he had a strong feeling to actually get running and do something that pushed his limits. He said the experience was more interesting than running inside the gym without actually going anywhere.
最近,莱昂纳多·马提亚兹(Leonardo Mattiazzi)测试了Infinity跑步机。Mattiazzi表示,他感到更有动力去跑步,去做一些提升自己极限的活动。他称这种体验比在健身房原地跑步更有意思。

Motion sickness less likely

Constam said the active use of virtual reality helps solve a common problem while wearing a VR headset. She noted that a lot of VR experiences cause motion sickness because people are in motion during the game, but not moving in real life. But when the user is moving on the treadmill and in the game, the chances of motion sickness are reduced, she said.

However, users who tested the treadmill while wearing the VR headset each had a different experience. It took Leonardo Mattiazzi 10 seconds to set the controls to running in the virtual world.

VR learning curve

Kyra Constam said there generally is a learning curve for VR. The first time users feel lost, but "the more you do it, the more you get used to it," she said.

Mark Sackler was a first time user. He said he felt a little sick at one point during the game. But he thought the experience was surprisingly realistic.
马克·萨克勒(Mark Sackler)是初次使用者。他说,他在游戏中一度感到难受。但他认为这次体验真实得令人惊讶。

After carefully studying the users' experiences, Blue Goji plans to begin selling the Infinity treadmill to the public in 2019.
在仔细研究用户体验之后,Blue Goji公司计划于2019年开始公开销售Infinity跑步机。

I'm Jonathan Evans.