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独立尸检结果:克拉克背后中了数枪 Independent Autopsy: Stephon Clark Shot Multiple Times in Back

一名独立法医病理学家星期五宣布,本月早些时候被警察开枪打死的那名加州萨克拉门托市男子被从背后射了6枪。 以研究和橄榄球有关的脑震荡著称的贝内特·奥马鲁医生星期五对记者说,非洲裔男子克拉克背后和身体侧面中了数枪,因此不可能像警察所说的那样以“攻击姿态”面向他们。 奥马鲁说,唯一一颗像是从前面击中的子弹是在克拉克左侧大腿部发现的,有可能是在他已经倒地之后射入他体内的。 3月18日夜间,两名警察接到所称有一名男子打破汽车玻璃和一所房子的玻璃门的报案之后,赶到现场打死了克拉克。警方说,警察对克拉克开枪,是因为他们认为他身上有枪。但是,在克拉克身上并没有找到枪,只在附近找到一个手机。 克拉克之死再次激起对警察枪杀没有武器的黑人男子的抗议。 星期四,“黑人生命也珍贵”运动的活动人士继续在萨克拉门托市抗议,要求对涉案警察提出刑事起诉。 An independent forensic pathologist announced Friday that a 22-year-old Sacramento man shot to death by police earlier this month was shot six times in the back.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, a prominent researcher known for his study of football-related concussions, told reporters Friday that Clark, who was African-American, could not have been behaving as the police officers reported, facing and "assailing" them, and ended up with the bullet wounds in his back and side.

The one bullet that seemed to have come from the front was found in Clark's left thigh, Omalu said, and likely entered Clark's body after he was already lying on the ground.

Clark was shot dead by two officers responding to a nighttime phone call about a man breaking car windows and a glass door. The officers fired on Clark, police authorities said, because they thought he had a gun. But no gun was found on Clark's body. A cellphone was found nearby.

Clark's death has sparked days of protest over police shootings of unarmed black men.

On Thursday, Black Lives Matter activists continued protesting in Sacramento over Clark's death, calling for criminal charges against the officers.