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调查人员进入剑桥分析英国总部 Investigators Enter UK Headquarters of Research Firm Cambridge Analytica

英国调查人员进入了数据研究公司剑桥分析(Cambridge Analytica)的伦敦办公处。这家公司处在社交网络脸书(Facebook)几千万用户个人数据据称被滥用的争议核心。




British investigators have entered the London offices of the data research firm Cambridge Analytica, which is at the center of controversy over the alleged use of millions of people's personal data from the Facebook social network.

About 20 investigators arrived at the firm's central London offices late Friday, soon after a judge granted a search warrant that Britain's Information Commissioners Office had requested.

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham is investigating claims the research firm illegally acquired the personal data from Facebook.

The research firm is alleged to have illegally used the data of an estimated 50 million Facebook users to build profiles for U.S. political campaigns, including the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.