[ti:Using Virtual Reality to Make Users Want to Exercise] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.24]Businesses are finding more uses [00:03.84]for Virtual Reality (VR) as the technology develops. [00:09.44]VR is no longer only for gaming or enjoyment. [00:14.28]An American company called Blue Goji is using VR [00:20.80]to improve one's health by making exercise more fun. [00:26.72]Blue Goji has offices in Austin, the capital of Texas. [00:34.88]The company demonstrated its cardiovascular workout machine, [00:39.76]called the Infinity treadmill, at the recent South by Southwest festival. [00:46.88]The event is held every year in Austin. [00:51.44]A person using the treadmill wears a virtual reality headset when exercising. [00:59.96]Before starting, the user is connected to a belt to prevent falls. [01:07.12]Then, the user plays a VR game while running on the machine. [01:13.52]The game can transport the user into the virtual world, [01:18.24]where he or she can be racing against virtual people. [01:23.68]The cost of the hardware and computer software program is $12,000. [01:30.80]That is a lot of money for most people. [01:35.08]But Kyra Constam of Blue Goji says the virtual reality treadmill [01:40.88]is ideal for places where people go to exercise, [01:45.00]like a high-end gymnasium or recreation center. [01:50.48]She added that people seeking treatment at physical therapy [01:55.03]or rehabilitation centers would find the equipment useful. [02:01.56]Recently, Leonardo Mattiazzi tested the Infinity treadmill. [02:08.04]Mattiazzi said he had a strong feeling to actually get running [02:13.08]and do something that pushed his limits. [02:16.68]He said the experience was more interesting than running inside the gym [02:22.44]without actually going anywhere. [02:26.56]Constam said the active use of virtual reality [02:30.80]helps solve a common problem while wearing a VR headset. [02:36.88]She noted that a lot of VR experiences cause motion sickness [02:42.56]because people are in motion during the game, but not moving in real life. [02:49.72]But when the user is moving on the treadmill and in the game, [02:54.36]the chances of motion sickness are reduced, she said. [02:58.80]However, users who tested the treadmill [03:03.04]while wearing the VR headset each had a different experience. [03:09.08]It took Leonardo Mattiazzi 10 seconds [03:12.64]to set the controls to running in the virtual world. [03:18.08]Kyra Constam said there generally is a learning curve for VR. [03:24.64]The first time users feel lost, [03:27.68]but "the more you do it, the more you get used to it," she said. [03:33.32]Mark Sackler was a first time user. [03:37.28]He said he felt a little sick at one point during the game. [03:42.32]But he thought the experience was surprisingly realistic. [03:47.41]After carefully studying the users' experiences, [03:52.20]Blue Goji plans to begin selling the Infinity treadmill to the public in 2019. [03:58.95]I'm Jonathan Evans. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM